Loss Recovery Insurance

There is no time to waste if your business suffers a major loss – indeed figures from Lorega claim that 80% of SME’s are no longer in business 12 months after a financial hit.

Loss Recovery Insurance can form part of your commercial package arranged by Aynsley Insurance, meaning that immediate professional advice is on hand to get your businesses back up and running as soon as possible.

Independent of the insurance provider, loss adjusters provided by Lorega via Aynsley Insurance will support you through the claims process, helping you to prepare and negotiate a settlement.

Whether this goes towards the replacement or repair following material damage, or to reimburse any losses incurred as a result of business interruption, this financial support can be crucial to businesses of all sizes.

With more than 25 years experience in helping commercial clients achieve a fast and fair settlement, the team at Aynsley Insurance aim to help your business recover as soon as possible and avoid any future problems.

One of the appointed loss adjusters will visit your business premise within 24 hours of a claim being made, treating any commercial dilemma you have with the urgency it warrants.