GAP Insurance

GAP Insurance offers an additional layer of protection if your vehicle is deemed to be a ‘total loss’ following an accident or theft claim.

Comprehensive Motor Insurance policies will compensate you to the amount that your vehicle was worth at the time of the claim. Because of depreciation, the offer made by your motor insurer will often be significantly lower than the price you paid for your vehicle. GAP Insurance can cover you against these financial losses by paying you the difference between the Purchase Invoice Price and the motor insurer’s Total Loss settlement.

If you have to continue paying for a vehicle that’s been written off or stolen, it can make affording a replacement all the more difficult.

For this reason, if you’re considering purchasing a new car either outright or on finance, you really should be considering GAP Insurance in addition to the other essential covers. With this policy in place, you can expect:

  • Cover for up to 60 months from purchase
  • Includes Private Cars, Motorcycles and Light Commercial Vehicles
  • Can pay up to £250.00 of your Motor Insurers Policy Excess
  • A policy transfer to an eligible Replacement Vehicle, subject to terms


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