Directors & Officers

If every company director or officer held back on important decisions for fear of legal repercussions, business would likely slow to a halt. Directors and Officers Insurance arranged by Aynsley Insurance aims to support the individuals driving the success of their companies by giving them the confidence to make such decisions.

In a complex business market determined by ever-changing legislations, even a seemingly innocent mistake can have disastrous financial consequences for the head of a company if a claim is made against them.

Our professionals at Aynsley Insurance are well aware of the risks surrounding directors and officers, and can therefore secure a policy that will offer the right level of financial protection.

This form of legal defence cover is a useful ally if you find yourself under formal investigation over the way your company is operating, and can include the following cover options:

  • Legal Liability from Wrongful Acts
  • Legal Defence Costs, Including the Cost of Investigations
  • Pollution & Contamination Defence Costs
  • Gender & Age Discrimination
  • Identity Theft
  • Employment Liability Practice

With so many ways that you can be held personally responsible for the actions of your organisation, and the outlay of a defence case, Directors and Officers Insurance can be a very worthwhile precaution, either as an individual policy or as part of a combined business package.

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