How much would it cost to insure Game of Thrones’ Winterfell Castle? 14 May 2019

Game of Thrones fans, have you ever wondered how much an insurance policy for the Winterfell Castle would cost?

The King of The North would have to shell out for home insurance – structure & buildings as well as contents – to protect one of the largest castles in Westeros.

The cost of rebuilding the three-acre fortress and its surrounding structures. With the help of engineers, the approximate amount of over £895 million. Contents, meanwhile, were estimated to be worth £50 million.

Considerations for the insurance premium included the increased risk of frozen pipes due to winter as well as the castle’s geographical location and proximity to attacks. Also taken into account was the age of the property, which is at least 8,000 years old.

Discounts, however, were provided given the premises’ level of security – thanks to the castle’s 24-hour manned gates and moat, in-house dragons, and archers on its walls.

The resulting annual premium, is more than £6 million.

“The above quotation excludes all losses as a result of conflict with White Walkers, the inevitable invasion has been determined as uninsurable.”

The King of the North’s castle, which is expected to come under serious threat before the end of the show, is one of the largest in Westeros.

“Jon Snow’s not known for his smarts but he could do worse than take us up on our offer of insurance considering the potential hazards he’ll face over the coming weeks,”

​Meanwhile the make-believe policy stipulates that all cover will cease with immediate effect if Winterfell Castle is captured by any army from the south. It also has a ‘White Walkers’ exclusion.