FAQ: Will I need a Green Card to drive my car in Europe? 9 October 2019

It is increasingly likely Britain will leave the European Union on the 31st October 2019 without an agreement in place.


What this means

In the event that the UK leaves the EU without a deal, anyone who drives their car in an EU or specified EEA country must carry a physical document called a ‘Green Card’. If they intend to tow a trailer or caravan, they must also have a separate Green Card for that also.


What is a Green Card?

The Green Card has information about your vehicle such as its licence plate number and demonstrates the necessary minimum motor insurance cover in place to be on the road. Drivers have to physically carry the Green Card (printed on green paper) with them.

A separate Green Card will be required for all trailers, but please be aware that all commercial trailers of 750kg or over and any trailer of 3500kg or over, must be individually registered if being used outside of the UK.

Please let us know the details of all trailers being used outside the UK.


What do you need to do now?

If you are planning on driving in the EU in the distant future, there is nothing to do quite yet, you can afford to wait until after the 31st October so we will have a clearer idea of the situation. However, in this time of uncertainty, if you are planning on being outside of the UK on, or soon after, the 31st October, we’d recommend that you call us at least three weeks before your departure to ensure you can receive a Green Card in good time.


What happens if Britain leaves the EU with a withdrawal agreement?

If Britain secures a withdrawal agreement before Brexit, you can drive in the EU as you would normally

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