Can you remember what you paid for your first car? The average price now is more than you think 27 March 2019

The days of getting an old banger after passing your test are over, for the average new driver now splashes out nearly £4,300 on their first car, according to new figures.

And that figure has gone up by 42 per cent in the last year alone as newly qualified motorists go for a decent first car with built in safety features, high tech extras or even a maker's warranty.

Previous generations may have been happy to spend hundreds rather than thousands on their very first car, but not anymore.

It found the average amount spent across the UK was now £4,276, up from £3,005 a year early, but also ranging from £5,274 for free spending new drivers in the north west to just £3,492 for the more careful motorists of the south west.

Reasons for the massive rise in spending vary. In some cases it is worried parents spending more on a car for their teenage child in order to have something they feel is safer as modern motors have better safety features and do better in crash tests.

Younger drivers also prefer cars with the most up to date technology for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other connectivity issues.

And with black box technology - called telematics - helping to bring insurance costs down by recording driving techniques, speed and other issues, it means they can spend more on a car knowing it will not be thrashed by eager boy racers.

New cars, increasingly, come with longer warranties for peace of mind while buying them on credit has also become easier which may be factor in the rise of more expensive first drivers for younger motorists.

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