Martin Lewis warning: Make sure you do not travel without insurance 23 January 2020

Martin Lewis has issued a warning to Britons jetting off on holiday this summer. Travelling without one important item could risk major financial losses for holidaymakers.

With January being a peak time for holiday plans coming to fruition, Mr Lewis emphasised the importance of looking into an adequate travel insurance policy now.

He explained: “January is the biggest holiday booking month, and if you’ve just booked yours, make sure you’ve sorted your travel insurance out too".

“You need cover from the moment you go, yet far too many people book a holiday and then leave the cover until later.”

Leaving travel insurance until the last minute can result in major financial losses, especially if something unexpected crops up in the months prior to your departure date.

Mr Lewis continues: “Sadly too often I hear stories like ‘I’ve just been diagnosed with cancer, I was due to go on holiday in six weeks, but now need chemo.

The airline won’t refund my ticket, what can I do?’

“The unfortunate answer is not a lot. You're only covered for cancellation if you have insurance BEFORE an illness/injury, job loss, jury service call-up etc.

“So whether going away soon or later this year, buy ASAB, or ‘As Soon As you’ve Booked! ’.”

Although travel insurance covers everything from lost luggage to unexpected medical emergencies on holiday, it also protects you if a situation arises that means you can’t go and have to cancel the holiday.


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